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How To Buy A Shower Room Handle?

Jan. 17, 2020

Handle is a kind of door handle that is common in life. Basically, every door will be equipped with a door handle. But do you know that the shower room will also be equipped with a handle, and the role of the shower room handle can not be ignored, it is also more particular about purchasing a shower room handle. So, what do you need to pay attention to when buying shower room handles? The following Shower Hinge Manufacturer will come to tell you a few tips.

1. Shower Room Handle-Divided by Material

The shower room handles are usually made of single metal, alloy, plastic, ceramic, glass, crystal, resin, etc. The special ones are made of pure silver and pure gold. Naturally, these prices are not suitable for general consumers. Our common shower room handles include gold and copper handles, zinc alloy handles, aluminum alloy handles, stainless steel, plastic, and ceramic handles. The prices of these types are within the consumption range of ordinary consumers, such as the common SS316 Stainless steel Handle.

SS316 Stainless steel Handle

SS316 Stainless steel Handle

2. Shower room handle-divided by surface treatment

According to the surface treatment subdivision, from the above we know that the shower room handle is made of different materials, and the surface treatment of the handle is also a variety of ways, and the handle technology of different material handle surfaces is different. For example, the surface treatment of stainless steel is mirror polishing, surface brushing, etc .; the surface treatment of zinc alloy materials are generally galvanized, silver plated, bright chrome plated, and baked paint.

3. Shower room handle-divided by style

According to the style, shower room handles are divided into single-hole round, single-bar, double-head, and concealed types according to their shapes. Different styles are designed for different decorative needs. The decorative effects of different styles of handles are sure. There are differences.

4. Shower room handles-by style

With the modern home's understanding of the overall home, the modern consumer's pursuit of personality, the styles and styles of the kitchen cabinets are diversified. In order to better match the cabinets with the cabinet handles, the styles of the handles have also become increasingly diverse. The styles are divided into modern minimalist style, Chinese antique style, European pastoral style, and Nordic style.

5. Shower Room Handle-Divided by common specifications

The common specifications of shower room handles are divided into single-hole and double-hole handles. The length of the double hole handle distance is generally a multiple of 32, and the hole distance is the standard. The hole distance refers to the distance between one handle and two screw controls, not the actual length of the wardrobe handle. Commonly, there are 32 hole distances, 64 holes, 96 holes, 128 holes, 160 holes, 192 holes and other common specifications.

The shower room handle is an indispensable device in the shower room. The supplier of Brass Bathroom Accessory Bathroom Knob suggests that the choice of shower room handle needs to be paid attention to by everyone. The introduction of the classification standards of the shower room handles above, I hope to help everyone.