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How To Choose Bathroom Accessories?

Jan. 03, 2020

Bathroom accessories generally refer to products that are installed on the toilet or bathroom wall for placing or hanging cleaning supplies and towels, and are generally hardware products, including: clothes hooks, single-layer towel bars, towel rings, towel racks, makeup desk clamp, toilet brush, towel rack, three-layer rack, bathroom mirror, etc. Today, Shower Hinge Manufacturer tells you how to choose bathroom accessories.

First look at the package

It should be matched with the three-dimensional style of the three-piece bathroom set (bathtub, toilet, and basin). It should also be consistent with the shape of the faucet and its surface coating treatment.

Second look at the material

Bathroom accessories include both copper-plated plastic products and copper-polished copper products. More are chrome-plated products. Among them, titanium alloy products are the highest grade, followed by copper-chrome products, stainless steel chrome-plated products, and aluminum alloy chrome-plated products. , Iron chrome-plated products and even plastic products. Pay attention to identification when shopping.

Three look at plating

Nowadays, except for a small number of plastic plating, the surface coating of the frame of bathroom accessories is mostly polished copper, and more of them are chrome-plated. In chrome-plated products, the coating of common products is 20 microns thick for a long time, and the materials inside are susceptible to air oxidation. The copper chrome plating layer with exquisite workmanship is 28 microns thick. Its compact structure, uniform coating and good use effect.

Four look style

Integrate with your own decoration style. For example, the modern minimalist decoration should use a simple pendant with a silver surface, while the European or rural style should use a classic bronze or bronze pendant. The style is properly matched, which can fully integrate the pendant into the bathroom space, creating a comfortable and elegant Bathroom environment.

Bathroom Pendant Towel Rack

Bathroom Pendant Towel Rack

Five look at practicality

You should consider how many pendants you need to install according to your lifestyle. If you use many shampoos and shower gels at the same time, it is estimated that one basket is not enough. If you only install one, it will be very difficult Trouble. Determine the size of the pendant according to the size of the bathroom. Usually the size of the pendant is almost the same. For example, the Bathroom Pendant Towel Rack is about 60CM. The last thing to consider is the location. If your bathroom is small, you can’t put the towel rail next to the shower, so you can easily touch it when you take a bath. For convenience and to keep the shower maximized The space is large enough, we can install the basket in this space, so that we can ensure that we can reach out when taking a bath. As for the towel bar, it can be placed slightly away from the shower area. This has another advantage. Even if you do not wet your family's towels when you take a bath, you can ensure hygiene. The toilet brush and Stainless Steel Bathroom Pendant Tissue Rack can be installed on both sides of the toilet, the toilet brush can be slightly lower, and the tissue holder should be the height that you can reach by sitting on the toilet. It is a hook for hanging clothes, which should be installed in the corner, so that you can avoid touching and ensure that the clothes are not wet.

The above is how to choose bathroom accessories, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.