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Details of Bathroom Hardware Installation Precautions

Feb. 14, 2020

Bathroom hardware in modern homes usually includes faucets, floor drains, clothes racks and soap nets, soap dishes, cup holders, towel rings, towel racks, bath towel racks, paper towel racks, clothes hooks, and racks. It is an indispensable part of the bathroom. Bathroom hardware installation is a detail of the decoration construction and needs to be handled carefully. Below, Bathroom Pendant Towel Rack Factory introduces the precautions of bathroom hardware installation one by one.

1. Faucet installation

Before installation, be sure to thoroughly flush the water supply pipeline, remove impurities from the pipeline, and inspect the water supply pipeline for damage. When installing, pay attention not to install the hot and cold water supply pipes upside down. After installation, remove the easy-to-clog accessories such as the bubbler and shower to allow the water to flow out and clear the impurities completely before reinstalling.

2. Floor drain installation

Before installation, take out the ground drain core to prevent the sundries from falling into and affecting the use effect. According to the distance of the drainage pipe from the ground, the installation method is adjusted: the distance is to be filled with cement mortar, the drainage pipe is heightened, and the distance to the drainage pipe is shortened appropriately, so that the rear panel of the floor drain is installed slightly lower than the ground.

3. Bathroom pendant installation

Bathroom accessories are generally installed after the installation of large products. Need to hit the wall with an impact drill. It is recommended that a professional installer use a glass drill to open the hole of the tile first and then use an impact drill to drill the cement, so as to avoid cracking the tile. It would be cumbersome if the tiles were cracked and the work would be huge. During the installation, determine the position of the water pipe and electric wire according to the water circuit and circuit diagram. Be sure to avoid the water pipe and electric wire to prevent breaking the water pipe and interrupting the electric wire. In addition, do not directly touch the hardware. Wrap it with a clean soft cloth and tighten it.

Bathroom Pendant Towel Rack

Bathroom Pendant Towel Rack

(1) Bathroom pendants will bear a certain amount of weight during use. As time goes by, they will easily become loose and fall off, so they need to be fixed very firmly during installation. For example, the Bathroom Pendant Towel Rack must be installed firmly.

(2) When the bathroom pendant has quality problems and needs to be replaced, it must be selected according to the original bathroom pendant size and hole distance, so that it can be installed in the original position. Therefore, this also reminds us that when choosing bathroom accessories, try to choose the commonly used size, which will not be eliminated.

(3) For plastic metal plating, do not twist it hard during installation, otherwise it will easily lead to chipping.

The above are the precautions for the installation of bathroom hardware introduced by the supplier of Brass Bathroom Accessory Bathroom Knob. For the installation of bathroom hardware, we must not ignore it. Many problems are related to the life after check-in. Please pay attention to these after installation. Basically, it is not affected by various failure problems such as falling off and damage of these hardware parts in a short time. I hope it can help you who are decorating or preparing to decorate and make your home bathroom hardware installation go smoothly.