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Installation Content of Floor Hinge

Mar. 27, 2020

Floor Hinge is a kind of hardware building material. It is a device combined with metal spring and hydraulic damping. It is used to install on the upper part of the door leaf. When the door is opened, it can be released by compression to close the door automatically. Return to the original position accurately and timely. The operating temperature of the door closer is usually -15 to 40°C. The main function of the door closer is not only to allow the opened door to close by itself, but also to protect the door and door frame without violent impact caused by external factors such as wind. When using a door closer, people can adjust the relevant indicators according to the size of the door and the weight of the door. The spring compression device is a worm gear, mainly because the worm gear can rotate forward and reverse, according to the glass door floor hinge. Features, the basic configuration is the sky axis and ground axis. Except for glass doors, it can be applied to almost all wooden, steel, aluminum alloy doors and frameless glass doors using glass door clamps.

Floor Hinge

Floor Hinge

When purchasing floor hinges, you should pay attention to understanding the relevant matters of installation. Next, the Shower Hinge Manufacturer will share with you a simple matter about installing floor hinges. Interested friends will look down.

Floor hinge installation steps

1. First, determine the slot position of the floor hinge installation, take out the main body of the floor hinge, and place it in a predetermined installation position. At this time, take a plumb line to place a vertical line from the center of the top axis of the floor hinge. Move the floor hinge so that the center of the plumb body is placed exactly at the center mark position of the flat axis of the floor hinge, and at the same time pay attention to the horizontal installation of the floor hinge, the verticality of the front, rear, left and right directions, and then describe the outline of the floor hinge body.

2. The next step is to install and implement slotting. Use the angle grinder to cut the edge of the contour area of the floor hinge that has been drawn. Use a grinder to cut a slot with a depth of about 3-5MM. Then use an electric hammer or a hand chisel to dig the contour area of the floor hinge Inside the floor material, measure the depth of the floor hinge installation groove at the same time. When the thickness is close to the thickness, the floor hinge body can be placed in the floor groove to see if it can be kept below the ground.

3. The floor hinge body needs to be stabilized during installation. When the floor hinge body can be completely placed in the floor groove, the stabilization step of the floor hinge installation body can be performed, but cement can also be used, but the cement set time is longer. Take out the floor hinge body, add an appropriate amount of quick-drying powder to the floor groove, stir it with water until the viscosity is appropriate, and then put it into the floor hinge installation body. Use a rubber hammer or a block to hit the floor hinge with a hammer to make the floor The hinge can restore the level of the surface and the surrounding ground. Then take the plumb line to find the axis position of the floor hinge and fine-tune the floor hinge body.

Precautions for slotted installation of floor hinges

When installing, pay attention to the proper size of the installation slot. Do not make it too large or too small. If it is too large, it will affect the aesthetics. If it is too small, it will have less stable material and it will not be fixed. Line or other tools for finding vertical lines, the consistency of the cement or quick-drying powder used for stabilization is appropriate to ensure the strength of the fixed floor hinge installation. After slotting and fixing the floor hinge, be sure to wait until the cement or quick-drying powder has sufficient strength. Install the door body to avoid rework caused by the displacement of the floor hinge installation. The floor hinge installation is very important during the entire home improvement process, especially before the door is installed.

The above is the installation content of the floor hinge introduced by the supplier of Stainless Steel Floor Springs.