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How to Buy Shower Room Accessories?

Mar. 30, 2020

Glass hardware includes shower room accessories, so how to choose bathroom accessories? Maybe a lot of friends can't remember such a thing during the decoration process, but just need a bathroom accessory, maybe a lot of friends can't think of such a thing during the decoration process, they hurried to build materials only when they need to be installed The market picks a few to let the master Ann go and it's done. In fact, bathroom pendants cannot be ignored. Choosing high-quality and beautiful bathroom pendants will often enhance the overall aesthetics of your entire bathroom space and improve your overall living taste. In addition, due to the constraints of modern architecture, the bathroom space is generally It will be too large, which requires us to install it properly to make the best use of it. And the damp environment of the bathroom puts very high requirements on the quality of the pendants. You must buy high-quality products to ensure normal use in the future. Let's take a look at how to choose bathroom accessories.

Look at style

Integrate with your own decoration style. For example, the modern minimalist decoration should use a simple pendant with a silver surface, while the European or rural style should use a classic bronze or bronze pendant. The style is properly matched, which can fully integrate the pendant into the bathroom space, creating a comfortable and elegant Bathroom environment.

Look at practicality

You need to consider how many pendants you need to install according to your lifestyle. If you use many shampoos and shower gels at the same time, it is estimated that one basket is not enough. If you only install one, it will be a very difficult Trouble. Determine the size of the pendant according to the size of the bathroom. Usually, the size of the pendant is almost the same, such as the Bathroom Pendant Towel Rack, almost all around 60CM. The last thing to consider is location. If your bathroom is small, you can't put a towel rack next to the shower, so it's easy to touch it when you take a bath. For convenience and to keep the shower maximized The space is large enough, we can install the basket in this space, which can ensure that we can reach out when taking a bath. As for the towel rack, it can be placed slightly away from the shower area. This has another advantage. Even if you do not wet your family's towels when you take a bath, you can ensure hygiene. The toilet brush and the paper towel rack can be installed on the two sides of the toilet, respectively. The toilet brush can be slightly lower, and the paper towel rack should be the height that can be reached by sitting on the toilet. As for the double towel rack or hanging clothes Hooks should be installed in the corner so that you can avoid touching and ensure that the clothes are not wet.

Bathroom Pendant Towel Rack

Bathroom Pendant Towel Rack 

Look at quality

Look at the material. Advanced shower pendants are usually made of brass, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy. Brass is relatively expensive, so the price of brass pendants is also much higher. At present, the more popular and economical and high-quality space aluminum pendants are space aluminum, which is a type of aluminum product with high strength and corrosion resistance. Because it was used in aerospace manufacturing in the early stage, it is called "space aluminum". Space aluminum is an aluminum-magnesium alloy, and its surface is oxidized to provide superior corrosion resistance and high gloss. Look at the coating. The hardest part when choosing a pendant is to look at the coating because, for the average producer, a rough look is basically the same. But it is undeniable that the coating process is very important for the pendant. It is related to product life, finish, and abrasion resistance. At the same time, the coating process is also the biggest cost in addition to the pipe body material in the process of making the pendant. I won't say much about the detailed plating process. So how to judge the quality of a coating? First, a good coating is delicate and shiny and has a moisturizing feeling. Inferior plating has a dull gloss. Second: Good coatings are very flat, but if you look at the poor coatings carefully, you will find that the surface has undulations. It is even more exaggerated than some inferior products that have dents on the surface, which definitely cannot be bought. For example, you can buy the Brass Bathroom Accessory Bathroom Knob, Aluminum Bathroom Mirrors, and more.

Regarding shower accessories, if you have time, you can also buy a tool to install it yourself. The above are some of my personal opinions on bathroom accessories. I hope it can be helpful to friends who are decorating.