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Shower Room Decoration Steps

Nov. 17, 2020

Compared with bathtubs, contemporary young people prefer quick and convenient showers. Today, the topic that Shower Hinge Manufacturers want to talk to you about is showers. Everyone should have seen the shower room. So everyone knows how to install a shower room? What do I need to know when measuring a shower room? Let's take a look together.

When it comes to bathroom decoration, we must not mention the shower room, and the installation cost of the shower room is higher, so this is the key to get all of it immediately. The following describes the installation steps of the shower room.

1. Prepare the necessary tools.

2. Install the water basin: Combine the components of the water basin, adjust the height of the water basin, and ensure that there is no water in the basin and bottom. The hose can be expanded and contracted with the distance to firmly connect the basin board to the floor drain.

3. Test and protection: After installation, a water test is required to ensure that the water is unblocked. Fourth, find the location and punch: Use a pencil and a level to determine the location of the aluminum hole on the wall, and then use a percussion drill to punch.

4. Install the aluminum material: hit the rubber particles in the drill hole, and then lock the aluminum strip to the wall with screws.

5. Fix the glass: Fix the Guide Glass Clamp in the hole of the bottom sink, and then fix it with screws.

6. Install the top pipe: Find the corresponding drilling position above the fixed glass, install the fixed base and connect the top pipe. Fix it on the top of the glass with an elbow sleeve.

7. Install the device frame: install the device frame at the measurement position, tighten the plate nut, fix the plate glass, and keep it vertical and horizontal. Pay attention to the waterproof under the glass fixed aluminum.

8. Install the movable door: install the hardware of the movable door, and then install the Shower Hinge in the reserved hole of the fixed door. After installation, adjust the position of the lotus leaf axis until the door is closed.

9. Do a good job of waterproofing: According to requirements, install suction rods or waterproof rubber strips on the side or under the glass plate. Seal the joints between the aluminum and the wall, and the glass and the pool with silicone.

10. Debugging and tightening: Check whether each part is comfortable and smooth to use. If you find any problems, please make adjustments in time. After adjustment, tighten the corresponding screws to make the shower room stronger.

11. Finish the job: Clip the waterproof PVC sealing strip into the aluminum material attached to the wall to ensure its clean appearance. The entire shower room needs to be cleaned with a rag.

Shower Hinge

Shower Hinge

Please pay attention to the following points when installing the shower room:

1. The embedded hole size of the shower room should be designed before the bathroom decoration.

2. Customized shower room with water supply system and ceramic tiles.

3. Before installing the shower room, consider using leakage protection switchgear to avoid rework.

4. The style of the shower room depends on the layout of the bathroom. Common corners and flat fonts are available.

5. When installing the shower room, please strictly follow the assembly process.

6. The shower room must be firmly connected to the building structure and must not be shaken.

7. The open shower room must use expansion bolts, fixed on a non-hollow wall, draining, and the amount of water in the bottom basin should not exceed 500 grams.

8. The appearance of the shower room should be neat and bright after installation. Sliding doors and sliding doors should be parallel or perpendicular to each other.