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Shower Room Hardware Accessories, Seem Inconspicuous, But Very Important!

Nov. 24, 2020

When purchasing a shower room, most people mainly consider factors such as frame material, explosion-proof glass and price, and often ignore the choice of hardware accessories. The hardware fittings of the shower room are inconspicuous compared to the large area materials such as glass and frame. However, in the actual use of the shower room, hardware accessories are a crucial factor affecting the life and experience of the shower room.

The main hardware accessories commonly used in mainstream shower rooms are: hinges, hinges, pulleys, guide rails, handles, water retaining bars, etc.

1. Hinge

The hinge and hinge are used in the shower room with swing doors. Regardless of the shaft or hinge, it is used to connect the opening and closing rotation of the solid glass and the live glass in the shower room. The rotating shaft is used to rotate the shaft structure that bears the bending moment and torque. The appearance is similar to the hinge, and the structure is simpler than the hinge. The upper and lower shafts are often used in the shower room. Hinge, also called hinge, is a two-fold structure made of metal sheets that also rotates around the middle axis. It is recommended to use Stainless Steel Hinges for shower rooms, which have high strength and corrosion resistance. In the shower room with hinged door, the hinge of the opening and closing hardware is more durable; the hinge is more common, and the hinge configuration is more high-end, but it may be deformed after long-term use. It is configured according to actual needs and shower room design.

2. Guide rail, pulley

The combination of sliding wheel and guide rail is used in sliding door shower room. The upper and lower double guide rails are designed with V-groove. There are two main rail materials: aluminum alloy and stainless steel clad aluminum alloy. Most of the tracks of pure aluminum alloy are curved to a certain degree, because the arch is more resistant to pressure. You can squeeze or press the sample displayed in the store. If there is a feeling of depression, it proves that the strength is not enough, or the thickness is not enough, or the material itself is relatively poor.

The track of the push-pull shower room is curved. Because stainless steel has high hardness and is not easy to process, the track is generally not made of pure stainless steel but stainless steel clad aluminum alloy. The clad stainless steel can strengthen the overall strength of the track, the inner aluminum alloy can be processed to form a curvature, and the outer layer of stainless steel can be made straight and neat. The easiest way to judge whether the track is good or not is to directly push and pull several times to feel the feel. It is not obstructive, no noise, smooth and quiet, which is a better guide rail. I didn’t feel it when I tried a shower room, I tried a few more, and I tried a few more, and there was a comparison.

The upper and lower guide rails of an excellent sliding door shower room adopt a double pulley structure, which has a self-lubricating effect and smooth sliding. On the basis of the double pulley structure, the lower pulley is configured with a spring pressing structure, which only needs to be pressed lightly, which is convenient and labor-saving for installation and facilitates daily track cleaning. The pulley material is mostly ABS plastic. It is best to push and pull the pulley on the spot, and choose a smooth and quiet pulley block.

Stainless Steel Hinges

Stainless Steel Hinges

3. Handle

In appearance, the shower room handle has many shapes, which are enough to satisfy the choice of different bathroom styles. In terms of material, ordinary household shower room handles are commonly made of stainless steel and zinc alloy.

Stainless Steel Handles are superior to zinc alloy materials in terms of corrosion resistance and durability, but the shape is relatively simple and the price is higher. Zinc alloy handles are easier to process, and can be processed into curved and curved products. After the zinc alloy is electroplated, the corrosion resistance is sufficient, and the price is cheaper than stainless steel handles. The specific material of the handle can be selected according to the budget and the requirements for quality and design.

4. Water retaining strip

The height of the water retaining strip is best to choose a style above 5 cm. At the same time, the water retaining strip of the shower room should be embedded in advance, so that not only the waterproof effect is better, the water in the bathroom will not leak to the dry area through the floor tiles, but also the shower Adjust the level of the bottom of the room to reduce the difficulty of installation.

To achieve a good separation effect between dry and wet, it is necessary to pre-bury the water retaining strips in the leveling stage before the bathroom waterproof treatment, and then carry out the waterproof construction, or after the Waterproof Pvc Sealing Strip are buried, before the tiles are laid, The second waterproof construction in the shower room can ensure the dry and wet separation effect of the shower room.

This is because the shower room is a large, high-frequency water space. Although the base of the bathroom is waterproof, there is a layer of cement between the tiles and the waterproof layer. The cement is not waterproof, and the tiles have joints, which can not achieve a complete sealing effect. If the water retaining strip is not buried in the waterproof layer, the water in the shower room may penetrate downward from the gap of the tiles and bypass the water retaining strip from below , Seeping to the outside of the shower room is more likely to cause water seepage, water stains, mildew, and even deformation and cracking of the tiles in the dry area.

Since the water retaining strip is not a load-bearing part of the shower room, it does not require high strength and hardness, and artificial stone and PVC are recommended for ordinary households. Artificial stone and PVC are easy to process. It can be shaped like a straight, arc, etc. according to the style of the shower room. It can also be made of various imitation stone patterns, which is cost-effective.

The above are the core hardware accessories of the shower room, other such as anti-collision blocks, rubber strips, tie rods, wall clamps, etc.; although the hardware components are not reflected in the text, they need to pay more attention and distinguish the quality when actually purchasing.

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