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Advantages And Precautions of Stainless Steel Door Locks

Sep. 22, 2020

In daily life, when we need to renovate the house, we will think of installing a better lock. I think the Stainless Steel Door Lock is still very worth recommending, because it has many advantages, so here is the advantage and Precautions for use:

Advantages of stainless steel door locks:

1. Its material is stainless steel, generally integrated with doors and windows, its door locks are more healthy and environmentally friendly, and the appearance is simple and generous, and the practicability is better.

2. The characteristics of stainless steel determine its fire resistance, high temperature resistance and heat resistance, so it is not easy to damage

3. It is made of stainless steel with high density, so it can effectively prevent moisture

4. It is convenient and quick to maintain, just wipe it with a cloth

5. It is not easy to change color, and the lock made of stainless steel will keep its new characteristics forever

6. Its service life is longer than that of other material locks, and the stainless steel lock is green and environmentally friendly. Compared with Aluminum Alloy Patch Lock, it is more suitable for modern people's aesthetic point of view.

Stainless Steel Door Lock

Stainless Steel Door Lock

Precautions for the use of stainless steel door locks:

1. When closing the door, you need to pay attention to the coincidence of the left and right doors to prevent the door locks from colliding against each other. Often serious collisions will shorten its life.

2. There is a situation of inflexibility when turning the handle. The lock itself always repeats an action when we open or close the door. After a long time of use, it will fail. At this time, we should use lubricant on the rotating part of the lock body. It can reduce the friction of the lock body itself, and then increase the service life of the lock itself. To ensure its safety, we'd better always check whether its screws are loose. If this happens, fix the screws in time.

3. If the keyhole is used for a long time, the roller skating will be lost, so when the key is not smoothly inserted and removed, you can add lubricating oil to the lock cylinder or rub the key with a candle. After a long time, wipe the surrounding dust. Clean, otherwise it will block the keyhole.

The above is the advantage of the stainless steel door lock. Its characteristic is that the more it is used, the brighter it is, because it has strong hardness and the color has always been like new. Pay attention to the use of the Door Lock during daily use, and deal with minor problems in time, otherwise it will affect normal use.