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How to Adjust the Hinge of The Wardrobe Door?

Oct. 13, 2020

There are many styles of wardrobes on the market. Many consumers only pay attention to face engineering when purchasing, and only care whether the wardrobe is beautiful and practical. In fact, when using the wardrobe in the future, you need to switch the wardrobe on and off. The test is the wardrobe door hinge. If the installation of the wardrobe door hinge is unreasonable, it will inevitably bring unnecessary trouble to the user in the future use process. So how to install the wardrobe door hinge? The Door Hinge Factory brings you wardrobe door hinge installation skills, friends can come and see.

Installation skills of wardrobe door hinges

Wardrobe hinges are often referred to simply as hinges in the industry, and are mainly used for the link between the door and the hardware accessories of the cabinet.

1. Install the hinge cup: first fix the hinge cup with flat countersunk particleboard self-tapping screws. Because the hinge cup will be plugged, you can press the hinge cup into the door plate with a machine, and then use the pre-opened hole to fix it. Rotate the screw with the screwdriver to completely fix the hinge cup.

2. Install the hinge seat: try to choose European special screws for particleboard or pre-installed special expansion plugs to fix the screws, and then press in directly with the machine.

3. Install the wardrobe Door Hinge: the method is relatively simple, just connect the hinge seat to the hinge arm, then fasten the tail of the hinge arm down, and finally press the hinge arm gently, and the wardrobe door hinge is installed.

Door Hinge

Door Hinge

How to adjust the hinge of the wardrobe door

Sometimes the wardrobe door hinge is installed, but the closing is not smooth. You can adjust it in the following way.

1. Adjust the depth: use eccentric screws to directly adjust the wardrobe door continuously.

2. Height adjustment: the height can be adjusted precisely by using the hinge base,

3. Adjust the door coverage distance: the door coverage distance needs to be reduced, so that the screw can be turned to the right, so that the door can be better closed. On the contrary, if you want the door to cover a longer distance, you can turn the screw to the left, which can effectively reduce the noise),

4. Adjust spring force: you can adjust the opening force of the door by turning the hinge adjustment screw one circle. The spring force can be reduced to 50%.

Daily wardrobe door hinge maintenance method

1. Try to use a dry soft cloth to gently wipe the hinges. If there are black spots on the surface that are difficult to remove, it is recommended to wipe with a little kerosene;

2. After a long time of use, it is normal to make some noises. In order to ensure the silence of the pulley, it is recommended to regularly add some lubricating oil to the hinge for maintenance every 2-3 months.

It can be seen that the Glass Hinge installation technique is relatively simple, as long as it is installed according to the above steps, it can generally be successful. The closet door is opened and closed frequently, so the hinge of the closet door is more likely to wear out. In addition to good installation skills, you should also pay more attention to the maintenance of the closet door hinge.